Faith has been covered by SH CH Littlethorn Galaxy on the 19th and 20th December 2004. The puppies were born on Tuesday, the 15th of February 2005. It’s 2 dogs and 3 bitches, all black and white. See here for more information.

Our progeny
We have had two litters so far. The first one of eight puppies out of CH Kuhaylan’s Australia Red Shane B and Laetare Befaithful Jane, the second with Faith and SH CH and Worldwinner Littlethorn Continental. In this litter were 8 puppies also. For more information see here for our A-litter and here for the B-litter.

Our Fellow
Fellow is the first puppy we kept out of our own breeding. Her sire is SH CH and Worldwinner 2003 Littlethorn Continental, her dam is our Laetare Befaithful Jane. Fellow was born on the 24th of June 2003 and developed into a lovely Border Collie bitch. She has a superb temperament and is eager to work. Andrea is training Agility with her and Andreas is doing the Showing. Fellow has Hips A and is clear of any hereditary eye diseases. She is recommended for breeding by our kennel club. Visit Fellow’s page for more information about her.

Our studdog
Shane, or CH Kuhaylan’s Australia Red Shane B, is our experienced studdog. Shane has more than 120 puppies so far which live all over Europe. Shane has been very successfully shown and achieved the titles of German Junior Champion, German Champion (VDH), German Champion (Club) and Clubwinner 2002. Shane has Hips A, is clear of any hereditary eye diseases and is recommended for breeding by our kennel club. Shane inherited the colors of tricolor, red and white, blue and white and lilac. For more information visit his site.

Planned litters
After the litter with Faith (Laetare Befaithful Jane) and Posh (SH CH Littlethorn Galaxy) our next litter will be with Fellow. Faith has had her last litter, we will not breed a fourth litter from her. Maybe Shane will be the father of Fellow’s first litter, but it can happen that we will go to England once again to mate her. We plan to have the litter early in 2006 since we only have one litter each year. If you are interested in a puppy out of our kennel please contact us ealry enough for we always have many bookings. We will keep you up to date on our page “Breeding plans”.

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Thursday, 31.3.2005
New pictures of the C-litter have been added.
Visit the page of the C-litter
Faith has been CEA-DNA tested normal. Her Optigen number is 6616.
Blaze out of our B-litter has been hipscored A (excellent).
AJ from our A-litter recently won another Agility tournament.

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