Some Books we recommend

Collier, Margaret: Border Collies. Boston: T.F.H. Publications 1994.

McLeavy, Adrienne: The Border Collie. Gloucestershire: Ringpress 1996.

McGovern, Brian: Competitive Obedience for Winners. Gloucestershire: Ringpress 1995.

Hornsby, Alison: The Ultimate Border Collie. Ringpress 1998.

Larson, Janet: The Versatile Border Collie. Alpine Press 1986.

Halsall, Eric: British Sheepdogs. International Sheep Dog Society 1992.

Quarton, Marjorie: All About the Working Border Collie. Pelham 1986.

Swann, Narnara: The Complete Border Collie. Hungry Minds 1995.

Collis, Joyce: Show Border Collies. Ringpress 1993.

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