The following 8 puppies were born in our B-Litter. All of them are black and white in color. Please click the name of each puppy to visit his own site, you will find pictures and descriptions of the pups there.

Balefire Forever of Goblin’s Fountain, dog     Being Tally Junior of Goblin’s Fountain, dog

Bemagical Soul of Goblin’s Fountain, dog     Beyond the Horizon of Goblin’s Fountain, dog

Black Arrow of Goblin’s Fountain, dog     Blaze and Glory of Goblin’s Fountain, dog

Begraceful Indiana of Goblin’s Fountain, bitch     Be my Fellow of Goblin’s Fountain, bitch

Our B-Litter

On April 27th, Faith has been covered by SH CH and Worldwinner 2003 Littlethorn Continental in Boulogne Sur Mer in France. The covering was superb, both liked each other and enjoyed the trip to the sea. In total Tally covered Faith three times and the tie was 20 minutes each. So on our way back home we had a good feeling that Faith was pregnant. On the 33rd day of the pregnancy was the ultrasound examination and the vet said there are a minimum of eight puppies in her belly. The puppies were born on Tuesday 24th of June and are all fine. It is 8 puppies, 6 dogs and 2 bitches which are all black and white! Pictures of the puppies can be seen below, just click the thumbnail to enlarge the pics. Pictures of Tally and Faith can be seen on our photos page. For a 7 generation pedigree of Tally please click here. ALL THE PUPPIES OUT OF THIS LITTER HAVE BEEN EYE-TESTED NORMAL AT 6 WEEKS OF AGE!

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