Here we would like to show you pictures of our dogs in all spheres of life. Just click on the small preview pictures to open the gallery showing this picture first. Once opened buttons make it easy for you to navigate through the selected gallery.

The first gallery shows Shane at the first weeks of his life still at his breeders home. Of course we visited our puppy as often as possible and it was unbelievable how fast he was growing from week to week.

This gallery pictures Shane at the age of eight weeks, just moved to our home.

Shane at the age of 12 weeks. What a sweet puppy he was! His look was able to melt ice...and no one was able to resist this little teddy bear.

At the age of 9 months Shane had developed into a very beautiful Border Collie.

Our bitch Faith at the age of 8 weeks as we fetched her in England.

Faiths first holiday was as she was 10 weeks old. We had a trip to Austria with friends of us. Faith was not allowed to move that much in that age, so Andrea carried her in a rucksack.

Faith 9 months old. She has developed into a fantastic tricolored bitch.

This gallery shows Faith at the age of 8 months and Shane at the age of 19 months.

Here you can see Faith and Shane close to our dogs training centre at Bad-Sooden Allendorf. The pictures in the snow have been taken at the Hoher Meißner, a mountain close to us.

Shane at work. This pictures give you an idea how Shane looks when he is alive.


Faith at work. Here you see Faith doing what she loves most.

Faith and Shane in January 2003.

Faith and SH CH and Worldwinner 2003 Littlethorn Continental, the parents of our B-Litter

Shane and Fellow are used as therapy dogs with children.

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