Here you will find some nice gimmicks for your Windows PC. At the moment you are able to download two screensavers with the most lovely pictures of Faith and Shane or the puppies of them, two background pictures and a mousepointer who looks like a Border Collie. In future you will be ablo to get more stuff, please don’t hesitate to write us if you have a proposition for a gimmick.


Screensaver 1 with pictures of Faith and Shane, size 1,36 MB. Download

Screensaver 2 with pictures of our A-Litter, size 1,57MB. Download

Installation: Just copy the downloaded file into your windows directory (for example c:\windows). After copying the file you can select the screensaver into the display properties. Please note that it can take a short while when installing the file first, windows will take a bit time to add the file into the properties.

Background Pictures

Please download your favorite picture in the size of your screen display. After downloading copy the picture into a directory you prefer. Then change to the display properties and background pictures and select the path where you copied the file to. The pictures are in the BMP format so you can use them without any changes.

Picture 1: Faith and Shane into a flashing blue background.   800 X 600   1024 X 768   1280 X 1024

Picture 2: Faith and Shane lying down.   800 X 600   1024 X 768   1280 X 1024


This mousepointer can be used instead of the standard pointer under windows. To install, just download the file into a directory you like. Then change to the system properties and go to the point “mouse”. Klick in “pointer” and select the path where you copied the file into.

Border Collie Mousepointer, size 766 byte.

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