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On this and the next pages we would like to pre-
sent you our kennels and a view thoughts of us
concerning the responsible job of breeding. First of all we will describe what made us breed this wonderful dogs so that you get an idea of our way. After that we would like to tell you a bit of our point of view concerning the breeding of living creatures, we will describe what is important to us and what demands we have in chosing our breeding stock or the raising of Border Collie puppies. In our puppy contract of sale you can see what we expect of people who are interested in a puppy out of our kennels, and the other way round what they can expect from us. To that, we will tell you where our kennel name comes from and meaning he has for us. If you have any questions, please feel free to E-Mail us. Common questions like “Where can I get a puppy of a breeder close to us” or “How expensive is a puppy” are answered in our “Questions (F.A.Q.) section, please have a look at this page before you send mail to us.

The page “A-litter” shows you the 8 lovely puppies out of the litter by Shane and Faith born at the 17.05.2002. You can see pictures of every puppy and of course we tell what they do in their new families. The link “Shanes children” leads you to some of the puppies Shane had with bitches out of other kennels. So now we hope that you enjoy your visit here and wish you lots of fun!

Our way to breeding   Our ideas of breeding   Our puppy contract of sale   Our kennel name

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Our way to breeding

With the FCI accepting our Kennel-Application a dream of us fulfilled. Both of us knew that when we would have the possibility to breed Border Collies we will do it. Now we have enough time and space to face this very responsible job. The first step on our way of course was to fetch Shane (CH Kuhaylan’s Australia Red Shane B) and see how he will develop and if he would be good enough for breeding. Now he is recommended for breeding from our Border Collie Club and with 15 months of age he got his German Junior Championship. In 2002 he also won his crowning CC for being a two time German Champion. So we decided to travel to England and fetch Faith (Laetare Befaithful Jane) from John and Jacqui Barron. We thankfully got this lovely tricoloured bitch and she as well developed great to an eager to work, sensitive, beautiful girl. Faiths hipscore is A (excellent, best possible in germany) and she is also recommended for breeding. In the summer of 2002 we had our first litter from Faith and Shane. As lucky we were in getting Faith and Shane we were with our first litter too, our puppies developed into healthy and beautiful dogs with a great character.

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Our ideas of breeding

To breed dogs and especially Border Collies means to have a big responsibility. Since the Border Collie gets more and more popular, many people consider this dogs to be perfect, even for normal families. Of course they are of a very nice size, they are very intelligent, love children and all other human beings, are great in all the different sports and very beautiful. So the dogs came into fashion very fast and films like “A pig called Babe” were speeding up this development. So this situation causes some so called breeders to have one litter after another, not caring where all the puppies will live and how big the problems are. They do not care about quality dogs and just see the profit they can make. Profit surely is the worst motivation you can have when breeding such outstanding dogs. We will try and do all for breeding Border Collies of a very high quality, with all the typical characteristics this breed should show. This means that they have the looks and the brains of a Border Collie. Most important of course is that the dogs are healthy! That’s why we will not do too close linebreeding or incest, because the risk of getting hereditary defects is too high in our eyes. We will try to breed allrounders, dogs that are beautiful and are good for showing as well as working in all kinds of sports including herding. For us it is important to have a good relationship to the owners of our puppies before and after they fetched the puppy. We always will care for dogs we have bred and help whenever it is needed.
All our dogs will be sold eye-tested and chipped, of course vaccinated as well. To learn more about our terms of selling a puppy, please read our puppy contract of sale. If you are interested in buying a Border Collie of Goblin’s Fountain, please contact us early for we only will have 1 litter each year.

It is important for us say that breeding is not the main thing in our dog’s lifes. Breeding is a wonderful addition, but mainly our dogs are working and living with us together in our familiy. They are a very important part of our life and we cannot imagine to live without them.

As a breeder you have the responsibility to give the puppy a perfect start into their lifes. We do everything to form their character as good as it is possible. Our puppies raise in our living room, so they get used to all kinds of noise in a normal house. Later on they are in the garden, with tunnels, balls, all kinds of toys and every day new things to discover. They get in contact with lots of human beings including children, and with other dogs as well (of course we are very careful, only dogs we know very well are allowed to go there, fully vaccinated of course). They get used to driving in a car and of course we take them to unknown places to make them self-confident dogs. When they leave our house at the age of 8 weeks they have seen all possible things and it is then up to the new owners to continue this work.

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Our puppy contract of sale

Contract of Sale


Andrea and Andreas Hilmes, Am Stadtweg 8, 37287 Wehretal, Border Collies “of Goblin’s Fountain” accepted by VDH and FCI

as breeders and sellers

and .................................................................................................

as the new owner of the Border Collie ................................... of Goblin’s Fountain

§1 ( Description of the puppy )

Sex : dog/bitch DOB : ...............

Reg.No.: ZBrH ...... Color: ..................

Chipnumber: .......................

Mother of the puppy: Laetare Befaithful Jane, ZBrH 5588

Father of the puppy: CH Kuhaylans Australia Red Shane B BH, ZBrH 4476

Litter accepted: ............ and ..............

by ................................, breed-controller of the Club for British Herding dogs e.V., group Hessen

Result of the CEA eye testing .............. by.................Findings:................................. (see document that comes with this contract)

§2 ( Keeping of the dog )

The new owner is obligated to give a life to the dog that satisfies his natural needs. This includes contact to other people and dogs and enough physical and mental action. To let the dog live in a kennel cannot be accepted.

§3 ( Training of the dog )

The purchaser declares that he will educate the dog corresponding to his talents.

The breeders will give the new owners the possibility to visit seminars that help in educating the dog. Of course they always will help with advice.

§4 ( HD and eye examinations )

The new owners are obligated to let the dog being x-rayed and eye-tested between the 13th and 20th months of age.

The breeders declare that they will pay for the official expert opinion of the Club for British Herding dogs. The breeders will pay for the documents needed.

§5 ( Using the dog for breeding )

The buyer obligates himself to only breed with the dog accepting the rules of the Club for British Herding Dogs, the British Kennel Club or any other Club accepted by the FCI.

Please notice that the rules of the Clubs have to be accepted.

§6 ( Showing the dog )

The new owners can show the dog at a show corresponding to the rules of the FCI.

The breeders declare to pay for the first show.

The breeders will show the dog and enter it if the new owners ask them to.

§7 ( Buying the puppy back in the case of a sale )

The breeders will buy the dog back in the following cases:

a) the buyer does not meet the standards declared in this contract,

b) the dog is mistreated or not educated corresponding to his talents,

c) if the dog will be resold to any other person.

The buyer obligates himself to tell the breeders if he wants to give the dog away. Then the breeders will buy the dog back paying the same price as the buyers did up to the day the dog is 7 years old. After that it will be a price that fits to the condition of the dog. Special qualifications can increase the price of the dog.

§8 ( Price )

The price of the puppy is 850 EUR. The payment has to be done when the puppy is fetched or to the conditions written below:


The pedigree and the vaccination card are part of the dog and will be included.

§9 ( Other arrangements )


§10 ( Salvatorian Clause )

If there are parts of this contract that do not meet the standards of law, then only this
paragraph is vain, not the whole contract. The section that is not coming into force is
to be replaced with a paragraph that comes close to it and which agrees with law.

Wehretal, the ................

................................... ..................................

as sellers/breeders as new owners

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Our kennel name

Goblin’s Fountain is a place near our hometown. It is a source in the forest and is called “Wichtelbrunnen” in german. We share great emotions with this place and since water is the source of all life, we think it is a good name for a kennel. To this, the place is very lovely, deep inside the forest being a nice place for dogs, there are huge meadows for playing and water to swim in and of course the never ending forest for great walks.Friends of Border Collies are always welcome to visit us and enjoy the beautiful landscape we are allowed to live in with our dogs. Goblins are gentle little creatures that are fantastic, and we think that Border Collies are fantastic as well. They are ready to do everything for their owners. So our puppies raise carrying this name, and we wish that they will have a perfect life with everything that is good for them and with all the beautiful experience we share with the name in this forest.

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