On this page we, Andrea and Andreas, would like to introduce ourselves. Andrea was born on the 22nd February 1978 and works as an educator in the kindergarden. There is no need to mention what the hobby’s are, besides the dogs there hardly is room for any other things left ;-) If so, she likes to read a book or watch sad films on TV she has seen a dozen times before, just to cry her soul out as if she would see it for the first time.

Andreas (me!) was born at the 25th of November 1974 and is a teacher. German literature and Historics are his favourite subjects. Before that, he was a lieutenant in the german army. Besides the dogs there is less time for the other great hobby, this homepage! Of course as a teacher there is much to read, especially everything about the ancient history (Rome and Greece) ;-) In the evening he always takes time to answer the many E-Mails that come as a result of this page.

We fell in love with the Border Collie because the sister of Andreas had one in the early ninetees. At this time, there were not many Border Collies in Germany and no book available in german language. Therefore, Andreas translated the book of Margret Collier from the english and got known very well of the breed. For us it was always clear that from the point we would have the room for such a dog on we will have one as a companion.

We hope you enjoy your visit here and please feel free to contact us if we can be of any help!

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