The following 8 puppies were born in our A-Litter. Please click on the name of the puppy to go to his own page with pictures and a short description what his life is all about today.

All I Ask of Goblins Fountain

A Miracle of Love of Goblins Fountain

Apache Red Cloud of Goblins Fountain

Angel Eyes Flame of Goblins Fountain

Anakin Thunder in Red of Goblins Fountain

Amy Just a Dream of Goblins Fountain

Admiral Nelson of Goblins Fountain

A Moment in Time of Goblins Fountain

A-litter meeting in June 2003 with many pictures of the A-litter dogs

On the 17th of May 2002 our first litter was born. The DOB was a bit too early, we expected the litter three days later. It was a friday and Andreas was just working in the garden, as Andrea was knocking on the door of our veranda. The expression of her face was very excited so I knew what was going to happen. I left everything where it was, went to the bathroom to clean myself and then got into the living room. Faith was digging and scratching in the whelping box, and her tail was a clear signal that the first puppy was just to arrive. A flood of green liquid came out of Faith, and soon after Admiral Nelson was lying before us. It took Faith some second before she knew what to do, but then she started to act like a bitch should act and did everything perfectly. The first puppy of Goblin’s Fountain was born, and though we saw many puppies before, we were surprised about the little living creature. Nelson was very vital from the frist moment on and made his way easily to the milk bar. Soon after him, the next puppy arrived, after 20 minutes 4 puppies were there! The next ones took her a bit longer, all in all she needed 4 hours for the 8 healthy and sweet puppies. It was a wonderful moment seeing this little family together, a happy mom and her satisfied children. It was a real colorful litterbox now, all in all we had four girls and four dogs, 2 red-white and tan, 2 black and white and four tricolored. The weight of them was from 280g to 360g, everything perfectly okay. After one week of drinking and sleeping all of them had doubled their weight. It was very impressing to see how Faith managed everything without any sleep during the first days, she just was dozing a bit, her job in cleaning eight puppies was really hard.
From the 15th day on, the hard work began for us as breeders. We gave some raw minced beef to the puppies, and from that day on Faith refused to eat the excrements. One will never belief how much dirt eight little puppies can produce if he has not seen that with his own eyes! The thought of Faith having eaten all this the days before made me feel worse...

Now it were six wonderful and unforgettable weeks that laid before us. On the 12th day they opened their eyes, and shortly after they tried to walk around a bit. It was funny to see how they got better and better, and from the beginning of the third week on there was lots of action into the whelping box. They grew up very fast, increased their weight and with the fourth week we started to give them special puppy food. In the beginning moms breast was better, but they liked it more and more. Soon the feeding was a highlight and it was sweet to have a look at the eight of them peacefully together eating their meal.
From the fifth week on, we had them outside into a big area in our garden. Every day we put a new toy or object into their place, so they always had something to discover. A tunnel,a tent full with balls and a little seesaw, there was always something to to for them. Our puppies were full of life and did the most funny things, for example one puppy was going into the tent and looked to the outside, and two other puppies took the tent and pulled it through the garden...the one inside really enjoying the trip. Every puppy had a thing he loved most, Linus for example loved a toy out of rubber which looked like a cock, and they all developed into little dogs with a character of their own.
Very interesting were the trips we made with them, to a little stream, to meadows close to the forest or to the vet for their eye examination. We could tell dozens of stories about the little ones, we had so much fun with them and the eight weeks were over much too fast. We were thinking where all these days were gone as we had to give the first puppy away after 8 weeks. AJ was the first to go on a saturday, and the others left the sunday after. Andrea and me were crying a bit, but we were happy to find great people for all of them. To all the new owners all the best from us, we thank you for giving “our” pups a superb home!

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