In the 16th century a breed of herding dogs has developed that slowly lead to the Collie as a brilliant helper of the shepherds. Especially on the huge meadows in the hills this dogs did a great job in helping with the cattle. This area mainly was in the highlands at the border between Scotland and England, that’s where the name comes from. The Border Collie developed into an overwhelming specialist with the sheep and he ousted the other British Herding Dogs out of their business. His close relatives, the larger Collie, the Bearded Collie and the Bobtail lost their capability to work and are used as showdogs today. The modern Border Collie goes back to the 1893 born Old Hemp, he was used as a stud very often because of his talent in herding sheep. This dog was bred by Adam Telfer and his lucky hand made the Border Collie as we know him today possible. In 1873 the first sheepdogtrial was held and the dogs were able to show their talents compared to other herding dogs. This trials were held more and more often and in different places. To see a great dog like the Border Collie at work was very attractive to many people so this events became very popular. Even a TV-series “One man and his dog”, which shows a tournament in herding, attracts many people.

The Border Collie is a known and loved breed in the whole world. Many shepherds all over the world use the help of this dogs today. 1906 the ISDS (International Sheep Dog Society) was built and this organization managed the first register for working dogs, the only criterion of integration was the ability to work.The conviction that building a standard concerning the phenotyp will lead into dogs that work worse still exists. 70 years after the Border Collie established as a great working dog he gets more attractive to people using him for different things than herding sheep.

The British Kennel Club built a standard for the Border Collie and now it is possibe to get the dog registered without showing the capability to work. A huge Show Scene developed in the UK and the Border Collie now even wins Best in Shows at Championship Shows. Though this dog often does not work on the meadows working sheep today, it still is a dog which makes high demands on his owner. The Border Collie still is a working dog and if someone wants to live with this great black and white clowns he should know that much attention and time is needed to get the dog satisfied.

The Border Collie in Germany

In Germany the Border Collies are registered with the “Club für Britische Hütehunde”. There also is the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Border Collie Deutschland”, a club that wants to maintain the capability of the Border Collie to be an excellent herding dog. But all dogs working in the ABCD must be registered in the CfBrH to be allowed to breed. Regretfully the Border Collie is a dog that comes into fashion more and more in germany. Many people own a Border Collie without understanding the breed and huge problems appear. Border Collies can be seen on many International Shows (CACIB’s) and special shows for British Herding Dogs (CAC’s). Two Champion titles can be achieved, one awarded by the VDH and one from the CfBrH. 4 wins in open class are needed for that, for the Club-title one of this CC’s must be won either at the Bundessiegerzuchtschau in Dortmund or at the main special breed show of the Club. So the Club-Champion title is harder to get. There also is a junior warrant title, 3 wins in junior class are needed to get that being judged by two different judges. The Border Collie is a very popular dog for the Agility sport and takes many wins here. He also is used as a rescue dog and obedience.

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