Help how to use this homepage

To be able to see this homepage without any detractions we recommend to use the following programs, plug-ins and properties:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or above, of course you can use Mozilla based browsers as well. But we can not guarantee that with this browser everything will be displayed perfectly. You should not use Netscape 6 or the Opera browser because we did not test this homepage using this ones.

Our current recommendation: Internet Explorer 6 SP1, you can get it for free at Microsoft

As a plug in you should have the current version of Macromedia Flashplayer installed. It is needed to be able to see the Guestbook and to use the Mailform. Get it for free at Macromedia

Of course your browsers properties must allow to view pictures, because a homepage like this without fotos would be for nothing. To this, your browser should have the Java console enabled.

The display settings should allow a minimum screen size of 800 X 600, we recommend to use 1024 X 768 or above.

If you should have any problems with this homepage please contact us and we will help immediately. If you see any mistakes please let us know also, we are from germany and don’t think our english is perfect ;-) In this case please contact us via Mailform

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